New York City Engagement Session, Amaris + Emmanuel


April 23th,  2014

Manhattan, NYC Engagement Session

Im beyond excited about next week wedding because we are covering Amaris and Emanuel’s fabulous Wedding.  Was very nice working with them, below some of their engagement pictures in different spots in New York City. Congratulations to this lovely couple!!

From the bride… We met at a dance club during our last semester of high school. The night of February 19, 2005 I went out with one of my best friends, and somehow ended up meeting “the baseball players”, as we referred to them, one of whom was Emmanuel. And like the song says: “Y todo comenzó bailando!” At some point while we danced, I murmured to myself that it was so hot in there and that I was thirsty. 5 minutes later, he came from the bar with a bottle of water for me (What a first move!).

5 months later, after Emmanuel had shown up at every possible gathering with my friends (or even family sometimes), day or night, weekend or weekday, we became boyfriend/girlfriend. It happened on the night of July 14, 2005 in Old San Juan, about an hour after he gave me a greeting card declaring his love and warning me that he would ask me some question later…

And that’s how our long-distance relationship started. We went to college in California (Emmanuel) and Puerto Rico (Amaris). Emmanuel graduated and moved to PR while Amaris finished her last year of undergraduate studies. And we lived in the same “state” for 1 year! Then Emmanuel found a job in New York City and Amaris started her graduate studies in Boston, and we transitioned to a “not-so-long-distance” relationship. Since then, Emmanuel has traveled 4-5 hours to Boston every single weekend so we can spend time together.

On March 9, 2013, 7.7 years after we met, we got engaged! We are really looking forward to starting our life together as a married couple (with our adorable dogs, Piper and Paris), with no distance of any kind!





claudette-montero-photography-amaris-emmanuel-new-york-engagement-session-yaska-crespo-wedding-planner-web-logo-9483 claudette-montero-photography-amaris-emmanuel-new-york-engagement-session-yaska-crespo-wedding-planner-web-logo-9478


claudette-montero-photography-amaris-emmanuel-new-york-engagement-session-yaska-crespo-wedding-planner-web 9448















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